Foundation Repair in Killeen, Arlington, Waco, & Temple TX

If you notice any of the following you might need a new foundation or foundation repair!

  1. Cracks in your foundation or the walls and ceilings of your house
  2. Your foundation is sinking
  3. Cracks in the brick fireplace walls
  4. Cracks in the exterior bricks or between them
  5. Joints around windows or door frames pulling away from caulking
  6. Roof leaks, although roofing material is in good shape
  7. Doors or windows that stick

Let our Foundation engineers at PermaJack Texas help you get your house back on solid ground!

Causes of Foundation Settlement

These Cause A Reduction in the Value of Your Home

  1. Material used to "fill" or level the land settles unevenly
  2. Some soils, particularly expansive clay swell and shrink when exposed to differing amounts of moisture
  3. Soil was inadequately investigated before construction to determine the potential changes of soil in all weather conditions
  4. Man-made foundations are not properly designed to withstand soil movement
  5. Homeowners fail to provide good maintenance for the foundation. The overwater, underwater, plant trees too close to the house, etc.

Perma - Jack Advantages

Stabilizing foundations with steel piers since 1974

  1. Steel Piers driven to bedrock or equal load-bearing strata
  2. Ordinarily complete a job in 2-3 days
  3. Space and time-saving tools and equipment used
  4. Some jobs can be performed inside

Restore Your Foundation by Hiring the Experts

Ask about our foundation repair services in Moody, Killeen and Arlington, TX

Want to maintain the value of your property? Make sure you have a solid foundation. If experiencing problems with your home's foundation, get in touch with Perma Jack Texas. You can hire us for foundation repair services in Arlington, Killeen or Moody, TX.

We follow a one-of-a-kind foundation repair process to provide exceptional results. By the time we're done, your foundation will be as good as new. Call 877-446-5225 to schedule foundation repair services today.