Steel Pier Foundation Repairs, Concrete Structural Repairs & Retaining Wall Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Whether it’s a private home, apartment complex, or business space, no type of building will last long without a strong foundation. Unfortunately, many property owners will notice cracks, uneven floors, and other signs of a failing foundation at some point—and that’s when it’s time to call Perma Jack Texas.

Our patented friction less steel pier foundation repair system is a one-of-a-kind solution that solves your foundation issues at their root by forcing steel piers down to the bedrock. If you need foundation repairs, leveling, or other stabilization services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our experienced foundation technicians and concrete contractors will be happy to help.

Steel Pier & Concrete Pier Foundation Repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth

A cracked, sinking, or otherwise compromised foundation is not something to mess around with. Aside from tanking the value of your property, foundation issues often lead to a host of other structural problems that make your home or commercial building unsafe.

Most methods of foundation repair are expensive, require extensive excavation, and rely on the same expansive soil that created the original problem—but not Perma Jack. The Perma Jack system can repair concrete foundations for properties all throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. Using steel piers, our system drives to the depths needed to reach bedrock or load-bearing strata, providing a long-term solution for keeping your foundation sturdy and in place.

Save time, money, and damage down the road by choosing a reliable and permanent foundation repair method over a shortcut solution bound to create the same issues again.

Retaining Wall Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Poor soil compaction and water drainage are two of the leading causes of foundation problems. Installing a retaining wall on uneven Dallas-Fort Worth properties is a simple and effective way to protect your landscape and foundation. Perma Jack Texas will gladly build and install a retaining wall that makes your residential or commercial property more attractive and secure.

With over four decades of experience in concrete foundation work and a patented foundation repair system that stabilizes your property, you can feel confident putting your trust in Perma Jack Texas. Give us a call at 877-446-JACK to request a site inspection for your Dallas-Fort Worth building today!