Concrete Structural Repairs & Steel Pier Foundation Repairs in Central Texas

Foundation problems cost property owners across the U.S. hundreds of thousands of combined dollars every year. The main issue is that most foundations aren’t built to withstand the movement of the soil they’re sitting on, so when it contracts and expands, the concrete cracks or sinks.

With the Perma Jack steel pier foundation repair system, you can solve this problem for the long term and make sure you’re not one of the property owners spending money on their foundation every few years. We’ve been securing foundations in Central Texas for over 40 years, and our team would be happy to do the same for you.

Steel Pier Foundation Repairs in Central Texas

Perma Jack Texas can guarantee you a strong and reliable foundation with our innovative technology and installation expertise. Our steel pier repair system works by applying 80,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure to ASTM-rated steel piers, driving them through the soil beneath your foundation and into the bedrock or load-bearing strata. This leaves you with unwavering, long-term foundation support.

When you choose the Perma Jack system to level or stabilize your property in Central Texas, you’ll be getting a name-brand product from an established business. The installation process involves minimal excavation, and our system comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. Ultimately, this means time and money saved for you now and in the future.

Concrete Structural Repairs & Retaining Wall Installation in Central Texas

In addition to our original steel pier foundation system, Perma Jack Texas also specializes in concrete work and retaining walls. Our company is fully insured and led by a concrete contractor with 30+ years of experience working with structural and industrial concrete and structural steel. From tilt wall construction to concrete paving, retaining wall design and installation, and more, we can take care of all of your concrete repair needs.

Does your residential or commercial foundation in Central Texas need leveling, lifting, stabilizing, or repair? Get in touch with Perma Jack Texas today to get started with a site inspection!