Steel Pier Foundation Repairs & Concrete Structural Repairs in Austin, TX

Have you noticed cracks in your home’s brick? Or separation between the wall and ceiling in your office space? Maybe your apartment tenants are complaining of a sloping floor? If these problems sound familiar to you, then you need the help of a foundation expert.

Perma Jack Texas’s friction-less steel pier system—patented in 1975—is a cost-effective, long-term solution for leveling, lifting, stabilizing, and repairing foundations in Austin, Texas. For fixing your foundation and preventing future issues, there is no better option than Perma Jack.

The Original Steel Pier Foundation Repair System in Austin

Despite our best efforts, there are some things we just cannot control, and soil shifting is one of them. Over time, changes in moisture content cause the soil underneath your property to expand and contract again and again. The result? Typical concrete slab foundations move with it, becoming unstable and leading to other structural problems.

Unlike concrete-based foundations, the Perma Jack system uses hydraulic pressure to drive high-strength steel piers through the soil and down into the bedrock or load-bearing strata that lies beneath it. By putting the weight of your building on the bedrock instead of the soil, your foundation is stabilized and will be unaffected by future soil changes.

To determine if your Austin property needs steel pier foundation repair, the Perma Jack Texas team will perform a site inspection and draw up an engineer report. If services are needed, we will discuss them with you, answer any questions, complete a contract, and then begin repairs.

Austin Retaining Wall Installation

Foundation repairs aren’t our only specialty. We also install retaining blocks and walls at homes, businesses, and other properties in Austin. Retaining walls are great for preventing erosion, managing water runoff, improving planting opportunities, and enhancing the look of your landscape. Our team will take care of everything from design to building and final installation.

When your building needs a helping hand, Perma Jack Texas in Austin is the one to call. Contact us today to learn more about our foundation repair services!