Don't Stress Over a Sinking Foundation, Contact Perma Jack Texas

For Steel Piers, Leveling, Foundation Repair & Concrete Pouring in Moody, Killeen & Arlington, TX

Patented since 1974, Perma Jack’s friction-less steel pier system stabilizes the foundations and slabs of settling structures, including residential homes, multi-family complexes, and commercial buildings by forcing steel piers all the way down to bedrock. Give a foundation engineer a call today, serving the Moody, Killeen & Arlington, TX areas.


The Perma Jack System is the best foundation repair system available on the market. Established for over 40 years, Perma Jack is not only the originator of the remedial steel pier repair market, it is also the most direct method to drive, test, lift, and lock the pier with the same hydraulic equipment from start to finish. There is no need to change to inaccurate hand operated jacks or screwing methods to do final lifting and adjusting.

The Perma Jack System utilizes high strength mechanical steel tubing. Hydraulic pressure drives the steel piers through soil, shale, and shelf rock by delivering up to 80,000 pounds of pressure until bedrock or equal load bearing strata is reached. This type of steel piering provides unvarying foundation support that eliminates callback expenses unlike concrete piles, helical piers, and anchoring systems that are supported by the same expansive soil that caused the foundation problems in the first place.

It is the most effective, efficient and straight-forward foundation leveling system, avoiding unnecessary coatings, equipment, or unsubstantiated means to verify the competency of the load-bearing strata. With this proven process that forces newly manufactured steel piers all the way down to bedrock, the weight of the structure is removed from the soil and transferred to solid rock.

Why Choose the Perma Jack System for your Foundation Leveling and Stabilization?

  • Name brand product from an established, family owned business
  • Materials are made in the USA, with all steel produced in the USA
  • Precise and accurate, exceeding ASTM standards
  • Minimal excavation to preserve landscaping
  • Certified by the American Concrete Institute
  • Fully insured and NO subcontractors
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

All these benefits mean COST and TIME savings to you in the long run. By taking advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of the Perma Jack Foundation Repair System your greatest investment will be repaired with confidence.