I researched several foundation repair companies before deciding on PermaJack. They were very nice and helpful and addressed any issues I may have and they have stood behind their work. I would strongly reccommend Perma Jack to anyone who needs there type of services.

Kathy B.

Perma Jack has helped me numerous times on property in Austin Texas. If your looking for foundation repair look no further!

Jeremy F.

Before PermaJack of Texas, I couldn’t even open my door! They found the problem, took careful measurements and were quick and precise in repairing it. They were very professionals with great customer service. Very attentive to my needs. Overall they did a great job!

Dorene B.

My husband and I were first introduced to Perma Jack when our house was rented. We met with the Perma Jack Representative. He took measurements and gave us a graphic drawing where the piers would be placed. We agreed to have the work done and were amazed how our house came back together and felt secure with the work because of the steel piers. We live in our home now and are happy to say our home is stable. The Perma Jack System has a lifetime warranty that can be passed on to a new owner. We feel having steel piers is the only way to have a house stabilized. Davis Kerzee is an exceptional representative for Perma Jack.

LTG(R) and Mrs. Don J.

Before Perma Jack of Texas did our foundation repair I could not even cook on our stove it was so slanted. I am very pleased and happy with the results. We have, in fact, recommended this service to several people and my family members. Very long lasting results. Thanks!

Connie A.

Perma Jack did a wonderful job and provided good customer service. I would recommend Perma Jack Texas for any foundation repair needs.

Louis C.

Very professional job done and thoroughly. I would recommend Perma Jack Texas to anyone needing this kind of service.

Jack S.

I was very pleased with Perma Jack of Texas’ foundation repair to my home. Work has held up very well since 2012 and I am very pleased with the work they did. I would recommend them to anyone needing foundation repair. Excellent work and great customer service!

Gordon P.

Mr. David Kerzee is undoubtedly the best company/contractor to work with for you home’s foundation repair needs. Mr. Kerzee is truly a professional and so is his crew. Starting from day one, when he came to do the estimate I realized that he has great experience and expertise dealing with foundation repairs. I felt at ease, he was honest and made sure that I was really informed about the Perma Jack foundation repair method. He did not make me feel pressured, but empowered. His crew is also very professional. On site, Angel answered my questions, again explained the process and immediately resolved an unforeseen problem that they encountered while fixing the foundation. Again, they were amazing and extremely professional. They were a very clean crew and took really good care of my property. I am extremely satisfied with the repair, no problems at all. I highly recommend Perma Jack, Mr. David Kerzee and his excellent crew to perform your foundation repair. The Perma Jack method is, in my opinion, the best!

Lizzette C.