Concrete Slab Lifting Services for Dallas, TX

Cracked Foundation Repair

A cracked foundation is more than just unsightly, it’s downright dangerous. We use the Perma Jack steel pier foundation repair system to level your Dallas home with a system that requires only digging small holes at the edges of your foundation. This proprietary system is time tested (it first went into use in the mid 1970s) and is guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty. We also use real mortar and take care to color-match the repaired cracks to the home’s facade.

House Leveling

Perma Jack keeps Dallas and central Texas homes level and structurally sound. Our hydraulically driven steel pier foundation repair system stops sticking doors and windows, levels your home and keeps more cracks from forming in the foundation and drywall. The leveling process takes about a week, depending on your particular situation.

Leaking Foundation Repair

When you have foundation cracks, you’ve also probably got water leaking into your basement or crawlspace. Water can be one of the most destructive forces inside of a home – causing mold, structural damage and other property damage. We stop leaks and help you get your home’s basement water-free.