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About Concrete Foundation Repair

Our company has over 30 years’ experience repairing foundations in Texas. We focus on providing the best solution to fixing your homes foundation. Our foundation repair methods are permanent and backed with a warranty. We offer foundation repair solutions in Waco, Moody, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Bryan, Conroe, College Station and surrounding areas in Texas. Contact Us today, speak to a real person and someone that knows foundations!

David Kerzee

I am certified by the American Concrete Institute, which governs all concrete throughout the United States and abroad, (similar to the national plumbing and electrical codes). ACI standards are used by all municipalities, State Department of Transportations, Army CORPS of Engineers, architects, and structural engineers.

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Flatwork Foundation Technician

I am certified as a Flatwork Foundation Technician, which encompasses five other related certifications, including Lab Technician, Concrete Flatwork Technician, Concrete Flatwork Finisher, Concrete Foundation Technician, and Concrete Foundation Finisher.

Professional Experience

As a concrete contractor, I have 27 years of experience specializing in structural and industrial concrete and structural steel. Our company has been responsible for the installation of the concrete and field engineering on multi-million dollar projects with the Army CORPS of Engineers, TXDOT, and many major architects and structural engineers across Texas.

Nationally Recognized Awards

AGC (Associated General Contractors) projects we have received nationally recognized awards on include the State of Texas Correctional Facility in Mart, Texas. We have been contracted by bonding companies, architects, engineers, and municipalities to complete contracts on projects for which other contractors have defaulted. We specialize in all types of structural repairs in the commercial industry and we now bring this knowledge and expertise to the unregulated residential industry.

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